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How can I get paid faster?

Maple syrup producers are paid in two broad categories—those who take part in the advanced payment program (APP), and those who don’t. Producers who sign up for the APP receive payment for their maple syrup faster over the course of the year. They are also eligible to receive a $2.35 tapping advance in February, before the harvest begins. For more information, please see the payment page in Producers section.

Does the FPAQ help with succession in the maple industry?

At the FPAQ annual general assembly in October 2014, the delegates adopted a resolution to issue a specific yearly quota for the next generation to the tune of 100,000 pounds. In March 2015, the Federation tabled a draft amendment to this effect with the agricultural marketing board (RMAAQ) to seek approval.

Are third-party retail sales included in my quota?

Yes. You must fill out a yearly declaration form entitled “Register of third-party retail sales,” which is sent to producers every year along with their registration forms.

How can I access Strategic Reserve financing?

Last August, the Federation received a $60 million loan from the National Bank of Canada to finance the Strategic Reserve. This means that producers can receive advances on unsold maple syrup being held at the Federation warehouse. You’ll find more information on the program in the Useful Information section.

Does the quota policy cover retail sales through grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and other third parties?

The quota policy does cover retail sales through grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and other third parties, even if the syrup is sold in small containers (i.e., 5 liters or 5 kg and under). These types of sales are only permitted if you posses a quota. In addition, you must declare these amounts to FPAQ when you update your registration form in the fall of every year. Furthermore, you must keep your proofs of purchase for small containers and your receipts for direct sales to maintain an up-to-date record of your overall production history.

If I sell my sugar bush, can I get paid for my entire syrup inventory at once?

If you sell your sugar bush, you will not be paid for your entire maple syrup inventory at once because producers are paid as syrup stocks are sold, starting with quotas, then proceeding to above quota sales. However, when you sell your sugar bush, you can also sell your inventory to the buyer.

Where can I find an authorized buyer?

The list of authorized buyers is available in the Authorized Producers/Buyers section.

Can you add taps to a sugar bush with a quota?

You cannot add additional taps to a sugar bush with a quota. However, when the tubing is changed, adding taps is not considered to contravene the Act as long as the producer does not extend the tubing to new, previously unharvested areas.

When and how can I get a quota?

In March 2015, the Federation tabled a draft amendment to the quota policy to issue new quotas for the next generation of producers, as well as for startups and expansion, as of the spring 2016 harvest. If Quebec’s agricultural marketing board (RMAAQ) approves this amendment, all producers and aspiring producers will be informed of how they can apply for the various programs through our usual channels of communication, including the fpaq.ca website and our Info-Sirop newsletter.

When will the tapping advance form be available and mailed?

The tapping advance form is sent to all eligible producers (i.e., those participating in the advanced payment program) around January 20 every year.

When will I get my tapping advance?

The first payments for tapping advances are made in early February. By the end of February, 90% of tapping advances have been paid out.

What do I do to use my above quota inventory?

When harvests are under quota, producers can ask to have part of their above quota inventory transferred to their quota inventory. However, they must indicate their desire to do so on the annual registration form. This mechanism allows producers to transfer up to 20% of their quota from their above quota inventory to their quota inventory.

What do I do if I want to sell my sugar bush?

The Federation is not directly involved in the sale of sugar bushes. However, once the sale has been made, the seller or buyer must send the Federation a copy of the sale contract within 30 days. The Federation then uses a specific form to transfer the quota associated with the sugar bush.

How much is a maple syrup production quota worth?

A maple syrup production quota cannot be sold separately from the land (i.e., the sugar bush) it is associated with. Obviously, a sugar bush with a quota will normally be worth more than a sugar bush in the same area without a quota. However, the value of a quota can vary according to a number of factors like region, general condition, and productivity.

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