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The Federation’s second strategic plan will strengthen its role as a global leader and prepare the industry for accelerated growth. By modernizing its tools and engaging with stakeholders, the Federation plans to drive annual maple syrup sales to 185 million pounds per year by 2023—a 66% increase in overall sales.

Priority 1 Sales and distribution

  • Increase sales volume by 66% and sales agency revenue by 63% by 2023

  • Spread agency sales growth among various markets

  • Increase the number of local and international medium and high volume buyers

Priority 2 Strategic reserve and production

  • Optimize the levels of the strategic reserve to ensure better management of reserve inventories
  • Step up efforts to balance processing grade (PG) syrup stocks in relation to global demand

  • Encourage increased production by production companies

Priority 3 Leadership

  • Position the Federation as a leader and expert on maple products nationally and internationally

  • Position the Federation to be less product-driven and more market-driven
  • Expand the Federation’s role as a strategic global hub for innovation and research on the food and therapeutic potential of maple syrup (ingredients, foods, superfoods, etc.) and related products

Priority 4 Quality enhancement and management 

  • Improve grading criteria

  • Introduce and promote various certifications of quality and identity
  • Create a universal identity to promote Quebec maple products

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