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4 couleurs de sirop

Maple syrup is a 100% pure and natural product that contains no coloring or additives.

The sap used to make maple syrup comes from two species:

  • Sugar maple: 80% of production
  • Red (or soft) maple: 20% of production

A color and taste determined by nature

Mother Nature has a lot to do with maple syrup’s color and taste, which vary with changes in sap composition during sugar season. However, this does not affect syrup quality in any way.

Generally, as the season progresses, the following phenomena may occur:

  • The types of sugar in the maple sap change: fructose and glucose levels rise, while sucrose levels drop slightly
  • The levels of other natural compounds (amino acids, minerals) present in the sap also change throughout the season

These changes in maple water composition affect the colour and flavour of the maple syrup in different ways depending on the point in the season.

At the beginning of the season, the syrup is generally clearer with a delicately sweet taste (Golden, delicate taste, Amber, rich taste). It becomes increasingly darker and caramelized as the season advances (Dark, robust taste and Very dark, strong taste), but with no loss of quality.

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