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Contrôle de qualité du produit de l'érable

Quebec is the only place in the world where maple syrup delivered in barrels is systematically inspected by an independent company. Every year, quality inspectors check, inspect, and grade over 200,000 barrels of maple syrup.

An authentic, high quality product

Quebec maple syrup is a high quality product. That’s why the FPAQ has entrusted ACER Division Inspection Inc. with quality control on all 200,000 barrels of maple syrup produced annually in Quebec.

ACER Division Inspection Inc. quality inspectors check, inspect, taste, and grade each barrel of maple syrup that comes in. This way, the FPAQ ensures the maple syrup sold in Quebec is safe and authentic.

Where is quality control done on maple syrup?

ACER Division Inspection Inc. has some 20 teams that travel across Quebec to grade maple syrup, either at the FPAQ plant in Laurierville or at authorized buyers.

What do quality inspectors look for?Qualite_1

  1. Brix degree or sugar content
    Using a refractometer, inspectors ensure that the maple syrup has a minimum content of dry soluble extracts (sugar content) of 66%.
  2. Class or category of maple syrup
    Using a spectrophotometer, inspectors check the percentage of light transmitted through the syrup. They can then classify the syrup in the proper category.
  3. Clarity
    Inspectors check the syrup visually for particles in suspension.
  4. Taste
    The quality inspectors sample syrup from the barrel to detect if there are any flaws in how it tastes.
    Inspectors taste some 250 samples of maple syrup per day.

A product that complies with quality and food safety standards

In addition to the quality standards adopted by producers, Quebec maple syrup also meets food quality and safety standards as well as all requirements regarding inspection, classification, packaging, and trademarks set out in the Maple Products Regulations under the Canada Agricultural Products Act.

Canada’s Maple Products Regulations stipulates that

  • Maple syrup must have a sugar content of 66  Brix degrees.
  • All maple products must be obtained exclusively by concentrating maple sap or maple syrup, excluding any substitute.
  • Maple syrup must be obtained exclusively by concentrating maple sap or by diluting or dissolving a maple product in potable water.
  • Maple substitutes and maple flavored products must be properly labeled to avoid confusion with pure maple products.

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