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The Research Center for Maple Development and Technological Transfer (ACER Center) is the only maple research center in Quebec.

Its team carries out scientific research, technological development, and knowledge transfer to help the maple industry grow.

The not-for-profit center is funded and managed by the main partners of the Quebec maple industry, including the federal and provincial governments and the FPAQ.

The ACER Center mission

  • Carry out research, development, and technological transfer to spur innovation and foster the sustainable development of the maple industry
  • Maintain and develop, in collaboration with its partners in Quebec and elsewhere, scientific and technological expertise in the maple industry
  • Help promote and develop Quebec’s maple industry internationally through technology and scientific exchange

Disseminating knowledge

The ACER Center offers training for maple syrup producers on subjects related to sugar bush operation and management. It shares the results of its research through training, conferences, articles, and guides.

Some ACER Center projects

  • Development of the SpectrACER, the automated classification instrument that helps verify or detect flaws in the flavour
  • Definition of minimum standards for the design and manufacture of bulk storage barrels for maple syrup
  • Creation of a guide to assessing sugar bush health
  • Research into “buddiness” or VR5
  • Collection network sterilization using isopropyl alcohol
  • Sugar bush liming
  • Use and cleaning of membranes

ACER Center is constantly working on new research projects. To find out more, visit centreacer.qc.ca.

ACER Division Inspection

ACER Division Inspection is an independently certified body responsible for inspecting the quality of maple syrup products in large container formats. Its quality inspection teams inspect, class, and taste every barrel of maple syrup produced in Quebec. They inspect over 200,000 barrels of maple syrup annually.

Quality inspection of maple syrup in large container formats (in French only)

The sites of the PPAQ

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