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There are specific labeling requirements for small format container sales

The information that must be displayed on food products sold in Quebec and Canada is defined by provincial and federal law. That information is to help guide consumers in their choices. It is essential for all maple syrup producers and processors to follow the guidelines and be informed about these regulations.

Nutrition Facts tables for the various pure maple products are available at the bottom of this page.

Required information to be displayed on glass bottles or other containers of maple syrup

Maple syrup producers and processors are responsible for affixing or applying a label displaying all required information on glass bottles or any other container used to pack maple syrup.

  • “Maple syrup” designation
  • Indication of origin
  • Category
  • Color grade
  • Net quantity
  • Name and  address of sugar bush operator, manufacturer, preparer, packer, packager, supplier, or distributor
  • Nutrition Facts table
  • Lot number

Required information to be added to maple syrup cans

Cans designed for the packaging of maple syrup already display certain information. However, maple syrup producers or processors are required to add other information.

  • Category
  • Color grade
  • Name and address of sugar bush operator, manufacturer, preparer, packer, packager, supplier, or distributor


1. “Maple syrup” designation

2. Indication of origin

3. Designation of the category before the designation of the color grade

4. Designation of the color grade next to the designation of the category

5. Indication of the precise quantity in liters or milliliters
Note: If the quantity is less than 1 liter, the precise quantity in milliliters must be indicated

6. Name and address of the sugar bush operator, manufacturer, preparer, packer, packager, supplier, or distributor.

7. Nutrition Facts table

8. Lot number


9. Producer’s FPAQ number

Organic maple syrup

Certification: if the maple syrup is certified organic, the words “Certified by” followed by the name of the certifying body must appear on the label.

Nutrition Facts tables on maple products

Since December 2005, maple syrup producers, processors, importers, and retailers must adhere to nutritional labeling requirements set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Nutritional labeling requirements

The required information on nutritional labels includes the calorie content and nutritional value of the ingredients. Any claims regarding nutritional value and/or health benefits are also subject to this law. The goal of this standard is to provide consumers with information to help them make healthy and informed food choices.

Nutritional information provided by the FPAQ

The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers provides certain nutritional information to everyone. This information was compiled from an analysis of raw data on nutrients detected in maple syrup and maple syrup products. However, the FPAQ data is only an approximation. Maple syrup producers and processors remain responsible for the information on their products, in accordance with CFIA regulations.

Nutritional information presentation standards

The data must be presented in the form of a Nutrition Facts table. The Nutrition Facts table template for a product must comply with CFIA standards on labeling and package area. It is strongly recommended to hire a food graphic designer familiar with CFIA regulations on nutritional labels to affix and validate Nutrition Facts tables on packages.

Nutrition Facts tables on maple syrup and pure maple products

The FPAQ makes Nutrition Facts tables for maple syrup and various pure maple syrup products available to all maple syrup producers for their use.

Maple syrup – Industy sheet and Nutrition facts table

Maple sugar – Industry sheet and Nutrition facts table

Maple taffy – Nutrition facts table

Maple butter – Nutrition facts table

The sites of the PPAQ

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