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Retail sales of maple syrup only involve containers of 5 liters or kilograms and under. All larger containers must be sold as stipulated by the sales agency.

Retail sales fall into two broad categories:

1. Sales directly to consumers

  • Must be sold in containers of 5 liters or 5 kilograms and under.
  • Must be from a maple syrup producer directly to a consumer for personal use by that consumer (not for resale).

In addition, when a producer operates a commercial sugar shack, the maple syrup and processed products from their sugar bush served and sold to customers on site are considered as direct sales to consumers, as long as they meet the two criteria mentioned above.

PPAQ urges all sugar shack owners to comply with the law by serving only pure maple syrup. MAPAQ posts a list on its web site of those prosecuted for serving substitutes.

Finally, sales at a public market are also considered direct sales to consumers as long as they meet the two criteria mentioned above.

Direct sales to consumers are not subject to levies under the joint plan. They are not declared to the PPAQ and are not included in the calculation of the maple syrup producer’s quotas.

2. Third party sales

All small container format sales (5 kilograms or 5 liters and under) that do not meet the criteria for direct sales to consumers are considered third party sales.

These sales are subject to the levies under the joint plan and are included in the calculation of the producer’s quotas. Third party retail sales must therefore be declared to the PPAQ every year by filling out the Register of third party retail sales form you will find on the Web producer. 

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