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What is an authorized buyer?

An authorized buyer is “authorized” to receive maple syrup in bulk (i.e., in barrels) directly from Quebec maple syrup producers. All barrels received from producers must be reported and promptly classified and inspected by the PPAQ’s agent, Acer Division Inspection.  

It should be noted that authorized buyers must secure their own supply from one or more Quebec maple syrup producers. The PPAQ is not involved in this process.

Do I have to become an authorized buyer if I want to purchase syrup directly from the PPAQ’s maple syrup inventory (strategic reserve)?

You are not required to become an authorized buyer to purchase maple syrup in bulk (i.e., in barrels) directly from the PPAQ.

It should be noted that the federation only sells unfiltered maple syrup, the majority of which has been pasteurized, in 45 gallon (205 litre) food-grade metal barrels. Buyers are responsible for transporting product acquired from the PPAQ warehouse. 

For further information regarding bulk sales of maple syrup from the PPAQ’s inventory, please refer to the sales communiqué.

I am looking for pure Quebec maple syrup in small formats (i.e., bottles) to sell in a specific market (local or foreign). Who should I contact?

The majority of authorized buyers of Quebec maple syrup are able to bottle maple syrup in a variety of formats. You can find out more at http://mapleproductsfromquebec.com/.

I have read the information above and I want to become an authorized buyer. How do I proceed?

The process for becoming an authorized buyer consists in filling out the necessary forms each year. There is no accreditation fee. 

Authorized buyers must fulfill a variety of requirements.

What are the requirements for becoming an authorized buyer?

  • You must have a place of business and a warehouse in Quebec (owned or rented) that can receive barrels from producers and that contains a properly calibrated scale for weighing the barrels.
  • The warehouse must have adequate, heated premises with access to hot water to accommodate the classification and quality inspection team.
  • There are two types of authorized buyers:
    1. Cash authorized buyers
      These buyers must pay $1,300 per barrel before classification. If there is a difference in value after classification, this difference will be billed or credited as the case may be.
      Cash authorized buyers/Appendix K (in French only)

    2. Credit authorized buyers
      Payment for maple syrup purchased from producers is spread over several months according to the terms below.
      Credit authorized buyers/Appendix A (in French only)

      • Minimum purchase of 30% of maple syrup classified in the previous month, or 100% of maple syrup used, sold, transferred, or otherwise traded.
        • Purchased and/or used barrels must be reported before the 8th business day of the month following classification, and are payable no later than the 15th day of the month following classification.
      • For maple syrup on consignment (maple syrup that is classified but not purchased/paid for), carrying fees are billed monthly at Caisse centrale Desjardins’s prime rate on the first day of the preceding month plus 1%, calculated daily on the minimum price of consigned maple syrup.   
      • The balance on consigned inventory as of October 15 is payable in four installments of at least 25% of its value on November 15, December 15, January 15, and the remaining balance on February 15.
      • Terms for credit authorized buyers:
        • Provide proof of ownership or rental of a warehouse in Quebec that is sufficiently large to accommodate the anticipated volume of maple syrup to be purchased for the year.
        • Provide a copy of an insurance policy that includes coverage for an amount equal to or greater than the value of the anticipated volume of maple syrup to be purchased for the year.
        • Provide a letter of endorsement or a bond in the PPAQ’s name that is effective for the entire marketing year and covers at least 15% of the value of the anticipated volume of maple syrup to be purchased for that year.

Note: Any authorized buyer may return barrels to the PPAQ. Returns must be indicated on the accreditation form or specifically requested. If not indicated on the request, the average light transmittance of returned maple syrup must be representative of maple syrup received and classified since the beginning of the marketing year, by syrup grade. Barrels of maple syrup return requests must be made within 10 days following classification.


For more information, please contact:

M. Guillaume Provost


1-855-679-7021 ext. 8290

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