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Classification as if you were there

Discover the process of classification of maple syrup in Quebec

The PPAQ, with the help of ACER, Division Inspection, captured in images the different steps involved in quality verification of maple syrup produced in bulk in Quebec. The classification will have no secrets for anyone after viewing these two video clips: the first is entitled “Québec Maple Syrup Classification Process” and the second “Québec Maple Syrup Review of the Classification “.

See, as if you were there, the ACER, Division Inspection professionals at work. These maple syrup specialists are checking and tasting about 300,000 maple syrup samples from as many barrels. From now on, a new tool allows them to speed up the process, this is the SprectrAcer. This device, used on a small scale for a few years, uses the technique of interpreting the interaction between a light beam and a maple syrup sample to detect certain flavor defects.

These video clips can be viewed on the PPAQ YouTube channel


Québec Maple Syrup Classification Process

Video clip presenting the different stages of the classification of maple syrup in Quebec

Québec Maple Syrup Review of the Classification

Learn how maple syrup classification professionnals in Quebec are doing a review

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