16 New Maple Enterprises Starting Up on the Strength of 100,575 Taps

August 3, 2023

Longueuil; August 2, 2023 – It was perhaps the most exciting day of the year for the maple industry, as Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) conducted its annual draw for new producers at Maison de l’Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA). Dozens of aspiring maple syrup producers held their breath as they waited to see what share of the 100,000 taps on offer would be theirs.


QMSP President Luc Goulet presided over the lottery as roughly 100 applicants to the Start-Up program looked on, either on site or on the organization’s Facebook page. “Few may know it, but maple syrup production drives new farm creation in Québec. Without our sector, recent years would have seen a net loss of agricultural producers. We’re pleased to continue the momentum by putting 100,000 new taps in the hands of young farmers. We need the next generation and its energy to ensure the dynamic growth of maple syrup, as we work to promote this Québec symbol at home and abroad.” Also present at the event was Kathrine Plouffe, executive director of the Fédération de la relève agricole du Québec (FRAQ), congratulating the new producers and wishing them the best of success.


Once again, the lottery was overseen by a representative from the accounting firm Blain Joyal Charbonneau S.E.N.C.R.L. It does not take an accountant, however, to see that maple production is a popular career choice in Québec. Of the many applications from people 40 years of age or younger, 127 were deemed eligible for the draw. 16 of these saw their names picked at random and were allocated a total of 100,575 taps, with which they may now join Québec’s large family of maple producers.


Each year, QMSP awards a minimum of 40,000 taps in new quotas to encourage the next generation of producers. That number increases to 100,000 taps in years (like this one) when there is a more general tap allocation. Since the Start-Up program began in 2016, QMSP has parcelled out a total of 402,379 taps to 59 new enterprises.


Even More Taps to Come

The Start-Up Program lottery comes just two months after QMSP announced it would issue seven million new taps in January 2024, to be put into production by April 1, 2026. After careful consideration, the Board of Directors determined a correction was needed to rectify a structural supply and demand imbalance projected for the next few years. Among the many factors taken into account were the stock levels in the Strategic Reserve, international demand for maple products, and the supply needs of processors, who were consulted in the process. The conclusion was that a substantial quota increase was in order. The result is that Québec will, in due course, have 58 Million taps in production for an average annual capacity of 174 Million pounds of maple syrup.


For those whose number did not come up on August 2, there’s a second chance. Start-Up applicants are eligible for the seven million taps on offer in the January draw. Complete details can be found on the QMSP website.



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