Maple Syrup Producers Make Huge Donation to Québec Food Banks

November 28, 2022

After a record harvest of 211 million pounds of maple syrup in the spring of 2022, Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) is passing on the good fortune to the province’s food bank system, Banques alimentaires du Québec. This year’s donation of maple syrup has a value of $100,000 and an incalculable value to Québec families in what can be a difficult time of year.

“Maple syrup is a source of pride for all Québecers. We think it’s important to share this unique gift with as many people as we could. Our consumers are always there for us. It’s our turn to say thanks,” declared QMSP president Luc Goulet.

“We at Banques alimentaires du Québec are so pleased to accept this huge donation of maple syrup. It goes without saying that our members don’t always get to put such an exceptional product into the Christmas baskets of people in need. We’re delighted to be able to gift Québec families with it this year,” said Banques alimentaires du Québec executive director Martin Munger.

The donation amounts to 14,000 bottles of maple syrup, which were distributed to the province’s 19 Moissons (food banks). With each regional maple producers’ chapter involved in its own community, it’s a historic contribution in addition to the thousands of dollars in cash and maple products donated each year in Québec’s 12 syrup-producing regions.

Maple syrup is for sharing and everybody should have the chance to enjoy it. All of Québec’s maple producers join together in wishing you a happy holiday season.







From left to right: Martin Munger, Executive Director of Banques alimentaires du Québec, Luc Goulet (President) and Isabelle Lapointe (Executive Director) of Québec Maple Syrup Producers, Gaël Chantrel, Operations Manager of Banques alimentaires du Québec.


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