The Maple Industry: In Good Health, with a Reserve to Replenish

June 1, 2023

Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) held its annual general meeting in Drummondville, presenting a positive assessment of the past year, in which the organization solidified its leadership positions as an economic force and in sustainable development. The tasks ahead include increasing production and replenishing the Strategic Reserve.

Some 200 producers gathered today to discuss the state of the industry and the challenges to come in the months ahead. Federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and Union des producteurs agricoles President Martin Caron spoke to the assembly, while provincial ministers Maité Blanchette-Vézina (Natural Resources and Forests) and André Lamontagne (Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) were on hand to talk with members about their priority issues, such as natural disaster insurance, inflation, and public forestlands.

Organization General Manager Isabelle Lapointe laid out the numbers for 2022-2023: sales of more than 178 million pounds of maple syrup – capping a 56% increase over a five-year period – and a record harvest of 211 million pounds of syrup.

QMSP President Luc Goulet highlighted Dr. André Marette’s recent study as a major breakthrough for the maple industry: “All of us in Québec now have proof positive that maple syrup is good for human health. Better blood sugar balance, lower blood pressure, and reduction of abdominal fat… WOW, that’s really something!”


The study demonstrated that maple syrup, a natural sweetening agent, is better for cardiometabolic health than refined sugars are.


Luc Goulet’s First Year in Office

In May of 2022, Luc Goulet was elected QMSP president. A year later, his list of accomplishments includes the negotiation of a new maple syrup marketing agreement, adoption of the Ministerial Master Plan for the development of maple production in public forests, and construction of a new warehouse for the Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve—all on time and on budget. The organization also produced an exclusive study on the economic benefits of maple production, providing important ammunition for the public forests debate. The study showed that the maple industry contributes more than $1 Billion to the GDP, generates the equivalent of 12,500 full-time jobs, and provides governments with $235 Million in tax revenues.

The industry’s robust health will enable it to withstand 2023’s below-average production of 124 million pounds of maple syrup. Stocks are sufficient to meet demand, but the Strategic Reserve will nevertheless come under pressure in coming months. To bolster production and replenish the Strategic Reserve, the Board of Directors has decided to issue seven million new taps.

“Along with the increase in taps,” added Mr. Goulet, “we will be putting more pressure on the government to deploy the Ministerial Master Plan for the development of maple production in public forests. They must put their words into action and delay no further in allocating new lands.”


About Québec Maple Syrup Producers and the Érable du Québec Brand

Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) represents the interests of 13,300 maple producers and more than 8,000 maple enterprises. Québec accounts for an average 72% of the world’s maple syrup supply, exporting it to over 70 countries. – @AcericoleQc


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