Donation and Sponsorship Policy

Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) as well as Maple from Canada brand is actively involved with communities in the regions of the province, encouraging initiatives that develop modern 21st Century maple syrup production and products.

SELECTION criteria

Any sponsorship request must primarily spotlight either Québec maple syrup products or producers or Maple from Canada brand, and be in agreement with QMSP values and strategic orientations.

Sponsorships are granted only to projects that have at least one element of public education, such as the following:

  1. Explanation of maple’s characteristics (100% pure and natural);
  2. Presentation of maple syrup’s new classification system (colour and flavour);
  3. Demonstration of maple products’ diverse uses;
  4. Explanation of the harvest and processing of maple sap;
  5. Promotion of maple production as a profession;
  6. Promotion of the Québec Maple Syrup Producers organization.


  • Any donation or sponsorship must be used primarily to pay for maple products and expenses related to their promotion;
  • Such products (maple taffy, cones, or syrup) must be 100% pure maple (no added glucose or other sweetener);
  • Gift baskets may contain processed products as long as maple is one of the first ingredients on the list of contents, such as maple spirits, maple cookies, or maple popcorn;
  • The suppliers of sponsored maple products must be in good standing with QMSP;
  • Such maple products should, as much as possible, come from a Québec producer or buyer;
  • Requests for cash donations must be accompanied by a detailed plan for use of the funds and the ability to provide receipts, if requested;
  • Donation recipients must be able to provide proof of the visibility obtained, i.e. photos, a detailed report, results, publications, etc.


  1. Donations of Québec maple products may not be sold unless there is a special agreement to do so.
  2. No requests in support of any individual (personal benefit);
  3. No requests by activist, religious, or political groups;
  4. No late requests (less than six week before an event);
  5. No multi-year projects;
  6. No activities taking place outside of Québec;
  7. No applications without completion of all necessary paperwork;
  8. No reimbursements for maple products from QMSP or its regional organizations, to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest (unless no other supplier is available);
  9. No representation, secretarial, or travel expenses of directors or employees of UPA and its affiliates.


Applicants can normally expect a response, whether positive or negative, by email within six weeks.

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