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How can I get paid faster?

Maple syrup producers are paid in two broad categories—those who take part in the advanced payment program (APP), and those who don’t. Producers who sign up for the APP receive payment for their maple syrup faster over the course of the year. They are also eligible to receive a $1.25 tapping advance in February, before the harvest begins.

If I sell my sugar bush, can I get paid for my entire syrup inventory at once?

If you sell your sugar bush, you will not be paid for your entire maple syrup inventory at once because producers are paid as syrup stocks are sold, starting with quotas, then proceeding to above quota sales. However, when you sell your sugar bush, you can also sell your inventory to the buyer.

When will the tapping advance form be available and mailed?

The tapping advance form is sent to all eligible producers (i.e., those participating in the advanced payment program) around January 20 every year.

When will I get my tapping advance?

The first payments for tapping advances are made in early February. By the end of February, 90% of tapping advances have been paid out.

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