2021 Tap Allocation

7 Million New Taps

In July 2021, QMSP decided 7 million new taps will be needed in production to ensure a volume of maple syrup sufficient to support the industry’s market development efforts at home and abroad. On September 2, the Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires du Québec (the Régie) gave final approval to the new Règlement sur le contingentement de la production acéricole du Québec, paving the way for QMSP to officially open applications for producers to acquire these new taps.



  • The 7 million taps will be allocated in proportion to the number of valid applications received under the Start-Up and Expansion programs, either by random draw or tranche distribution
  • 5% of taps are reserved for start-up projects on public land.

Start-Up Quotas

The Start-Up Program will issue quotas to persons or companies which, within a maximum of three years of allocation, will:

  • Manage a maple operation of no more than 25,000 taps for which there was no previous quota
  • Add no more than 10,000 taps to a maple operation for which a quota has already been issued, which has been purchased or leased within one year of the quota application.

Expansion Quotas

The Expansion Quota Program will issue taps to persons or companies with quotas, wishing to expand their operations. This may involve:

  • The addition of up to 10,000 taps to increase production on operation units that already hold a quota
  • The addition of up to 10,000 taps on another operation unit (purchased or rented on private land or with operating permit on public land).

Key Dates 

October 15, 2021: Application Deadline for Start-Up and Expansion Quotas

October 16 – December 14, 2021: Application Evaluation Period

December 15, 2021: Allocation of Quotas

December 2021 – February 2024: Installation of New Taps


See the Powerpoint document of the webinar presented on Septembre 16.
Video available soon.

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