2021 Tap Allocation

7 Million New Taps

Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) announced in June 2021 that it would issue 7 million new taps for start-up and expansion projects this year. On December 15, the organization continued this exciting process with draws and allocations of the taps. As a result, the total number in production will rise to almost 57 million taps in the province’s maple forests within three years.


Distribution of the 7 million taps








Key Dates 

October 15, 2021: Application Deadline for Start-Up and Expansion Quotas

October 16 – December 14, 2021: Application Evaluation Period

December 15, 2021: Allocation of Quotas

December 2021 – February 2024: Installation of New Taps

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