Expansion Quotas

The 2021 Expansion Quota Program will issue taps to persons or companies with quotas, wishing to expand their operations. This may involve:

  • The addition of up to 10,000 taps to increase production on operation units that already hold a quota
  • The addition of up to 10,000 taps on another operation unit (purchased or rented on private land or with operating permit on public land).

Applicants to the 2021 Expansion Program must harvest the taps granted by QMSP within 3 years of issue. Successful applicants must also promise to personally manage their taps for a period of 5 years.

Expansion Program Application Process

The deadline to submit quota applications under the Start-Up program was October 15, 2021. QMSP is now assessing the applications received on time. Applicants will be informed of their results by December 15, 2021.


Quota Allocation Process

The allocation methods for the Start-Up and Expansion programs are identical:

  • taps are allocated in proportion to the number of eligible applicants in each program.

This means that distribution will be known only on allocation day — December 15, 2021. The single exception is that 5% of new taps (350,000) are reserved for start-up operations on public land.

Documents for 2021 Quota Applicants:

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The information on this page is intended to simplify the regulations governing maple producers. In the event of differences between the regulation and the content on this website, the Régie-approved regulation is the document of reference. You will find it here.

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