How to Acquire a Maple Production Quota

A maple production quota is the annual production volume allocated to an individual maple enterprise. There are currently 7,400 such companies and 11,300 producers in Québec whereas, in the not-distant past, it was virtually unthinkable to make a living at it.

Maple syrup contributes to the economic health of the province, accounting for the equivalent of 10,000 full-time jobs in the 12 maple-producing regions. Some Québec schools now provide education programs on the trade.

Do you think you have a feel for the land and what it takes to produce what we call Nature’s “liquid gold”? This page is about how you may join the community of maple syrup producers in Québec.

buy or rent a sugar bush and quota

A quota is inseparable from its production forest, no matter its value. Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) oversees the transfer of a quota to the new owner or renter. Contact us before proceeding with any transaction to ensure the quota is transferable.

Obtain a new Maple Production Quota

QMSP issues four different types of quotas: Young Entrepreneur, Start-Up, Innovation, and Expansion. (An expansion quota is reserved for producers who already hold quotas.)

Young Entrepreneur Quotas

The purpose of this quota category is to provide people aged 18 – 40 the opportunity to undertake a career in maple production. Normally, it is awarded at random, by lottery, from the submissions received.

Start-Up Quotas

Each year, QMSP uses various criteria to determine whether quotas should be allocated to Start-Up and Expansion projects, as well as the size of each.

Innovation Quotas

Each year, QMSP has the option of allocating one or more quotas, up to the equivalent of 40,000 taps, for Innovation initiatives. Applications are evaluated as they are received by a designated committee, when it is available to do so.

Maple production quotas in Québec are governed by the Règlement sur le contingentement de la production et de la mise en marché du produit visé par le Plan conjoint des producteurs acéricoles du Québec.

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