Start-Up Quotas

The 2021 Start-Up Program will issue quotas to persons or companies which, within a maximum of three years of allocation, will:

  • Manage a maple operation of no more than 25,000 taps for which there was no previous quota
  • Add no more than 10,000 taps to a maple operation for which a quota has already been issued, which has been purchased or leased within one year of the quota application.

Applicants to the 2021 Start-Up Program must harvest the taps granted by Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) within 3 years of issue. Successful applicants must also promise to personally manage their taps for a period of 5 years.


Start-Up Program Application Process

The deadline to submit quota applications under the Start-Up program was October 15, 2021. QMSP is now assessing the applications received on time. Applicants will be informed of their results by December 15, 2021.


Quota Allocation Process

The allocation methods for the Start-Up and Expansion programs are identical:

  • taps are allocated in proportion to the number of eligible applicants in each program.

This means that distribution will be known only on allocation day — December 15, 2021. The single exception is that 5% of new taps (350,000) are reserved for start-up operations on public land.

Applicants to the Start-Up Program must score 75 points to be chosen (see the evaluation grid).

If the number of taps on offer IS SUFFICIENT:

QMSP will issue quotas to applicants who score at least 75 points on the evaluation grid.

If the number of taps on offer is NOT SUFFICIENT:

The tap offering will be shared among those who applied for tranche distribution and those who applied for the random draw, calculated according to the percentages of eligible applications received for each method.

Applicants may choose tranche allocation or to enter a random draw.

  • Random Draw: the draw will be held after the tranche distribution process. The last applicant to be drawn receives 100% of taps requested, even if it results in QMSP awarding more taps than planned.
  • Tranche Distribution: taps will be allocated in tranches of 200, until the application total is reached or available quantities are exhausted.

If taps remain available after tranche distribution is complete, they will be placed in the random lottery pool.

Documents for 2021 Quota Applicants:

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The information on this page is intended to simplify the regulations governing maple producers. In the event of differences between the regulation and the content on this website, the Régie-approved regulation is the document of reference. You will find it here.

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