Certifications for Maple Syrup and Maple Water

Québec maple producers can hold specific certifications that attest to the authenticity of their production methods and superior quality of their products.



The production of organic maple syrup is growing in leaps and bounds, in response to rising consumer demand. Almost half of the maple syrup now produced in Québec is certified as organic.

The Canadian Organic Standards (COS) cover the principles of organic production as they pertain to maple production, including forest management, plant diversity, pest control, tapping, and the harvest and processing of maple water. Full details are available at the website for the National Standard of Canada for Organic Agriculture.

In Québec, there are three organizations that offer organic certification for maple syrup production:

Producers may apply to any of these organizations and pay the relevant fees for certification. The producer must then complete the proper registration with QMSP in the fall with a declaration of organic certification.



A significant quantity of Québec maple syrup meets the standards of Jewish dietary regulations.

Maple producers with Kosher certification invite the inspection of their products and operations to ensure that everything that comes into contact with the maple syrup is also certified:

  • equipment;
  • the equipment’s cleaning products;
  • any additives used to stabilize foam produced during the boiling process.


NAPSI (Natural, Authentic, Pure, Sterile, Integral) is the certification for maple water. It was established in 2013 by Québec Maple Syrup Producers. It guarantees the quality, safety and integrity of this precious natural resource.

The standards and production imperatives for NAPSI-certified maple water derive from years of research. They are constantly updated as we learn more about the properties of maple. NAPSI certification means the maple water is fresh, translucent and crystal-clear, and will maintain its beneficial properties, and encompass every stage of the production chain, from harvesting maple water in the forest to bottling under controlled conditions. NAPSI certification guarantees the maple water sterilization process, its authenticity and traceability.

NAPSI certification is the benchmark for top-quality maple water. It ensures consumer confidence in this exceptional natural product, while supporting Quebec maple syrup producers. Choose NAPSI-certified maple water for an authentic, quality experience.

For more information on NAPSI certification and the brands offering certified maple water, please contact Élodie Nadeau ([email protected]).