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A study reveals that maple syrup provides functional food benefits for cardiometabolic health, when replacing refines sugars.

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About Dr. Marette

Dr André Marette is a full professor in the Faculty of Medicine and a researcher at the Québec Heart and Lung Institute and the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods. He has a research chair on the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseases. Dr Marette works on the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity and cardiometabolic diseases. In particular, he studies the roles of intestinal microbiota and inflammation in the etiology and progression of diabetes, and liver and cardiovascular diseases. Dr Marette’s work has been published in over 300 articles, literature reviews, and book chapters. He has also written two books including one for the general public, La vérité sur le sucre. Awards include the prestigious Charles Best and Lectureship from University of Toronto, international acknowledgement of his contribution to the scientific knowledge of diabetes.