Maple syrup classification

Maple syrup classification

April 1, 2020

For maple syrup delivery and classification at authorized buyers or in Laurierville, we must, by mutual agreement with the buyers, restrict plant access to only those people essential to their operation. Therefore, in addition to plant staff, only ACER Inspection Division classification teams will be admitted at the various authorized buyers. As a result and until further notice, producers will no longer be able to attend their classification or have access to unloading and weighing areas due to exceptional public health grounds related to the pandemic we are currently experiencing. Maple syrup classified VR5 and CT is automatically revised at the expense of PPAQ.

Remember that you can always consult your classification reports in the Producer section of the website and request a classification review in the same section if necessary.

The PPAQ and the Conseil de l’industrie de l’érable (CIE) have decided together to prioritize the classification in the 3 centralized laboratories (comprising 6 teams of quality check). The other verifiers will be distributed among the buyers in regular classification.

The ACER Inspection Division teams do their best, but a slow-down of the classification is to be expected due to the exceptional situation. We thank you for your patience.