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Under the Farm Products Marketing Act, all buyers or processors of a product covered by a joint plan, such as maple syrup, are required to negotiate marketing conditions and terms of sale for that product with the FPAQ.

The act also authorizes buyers to form a single organization to negotiate with the FPAQ. Since 2010, buyers have been represented by Conseil de l’industrie de l’érable (CIE), the maple industry council.

The FPAQ, which represents Quebec maple producers, and CIE, which represents buyers, negotiate to arrive at a marketing agreement.

If their negotiations are successful, the agreement must be approved by the agricultural marketing board, which may make certain amendments.

If no agreement is reached, the board begins a conciliation process, then eventually an arbitration process to determine marketing conditions for maple products.

The most recent marketing agreements in the maple industry were signed in 2015.

Maple syrup marketing agreement (in French only)

Maple water marketing agreement (in French only)

A marketing agreement is a business contract between sellers (FPAQ) and buyers (CIE).

A marketing agreement sets the parameters for buying and selling maple syrup and maple water.

There are two marketing agreements for maple products:

  1. For maple syrup
  2. For maple water

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