A Democratic Organization

The Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) organization is responsible for the administration of the joint plan for the province’s maple producers.

regional Structure

Created in 1966, QMSP takes the form of a trade union organization, divided into 12 regional chapters. These hold their own meetings to inform producers and discuss policy orientations. The provincial organization takes part in these regional sessions to meet with and consult members.

annual and semi-annual meetings

The regional associations appoint delegates who exercise voting rights at the QMSP Annual General Meeting. Twice a year, at the Annual General Meeting and a semi-annual meeting, the 115 regional delegates from across Québec gather to approve the organization’s financial statements, elect the QMSP president, vote on resolutions, and debate the organization’s general orientations. The decisions emanating from these meetings form the foundations of the organization’s plans.

annual general meeting 

The QMSP Annual General Meeting is the forum at which delegates debate and adopt the organization’s regulations, including production quotas. Before they may take effect, the draft regulations approved by maple producers at the general meeting must be submitted to the Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires du Québec (RMAAQ). This step is required to ensure they respect the spirit of the law governing agricultural products. The RMAAQ process may include public hearings at which all interested stakeholders may voice their opinions.

board of directors

QMSP is governed by a 13-member Board of Directors. The president, elected for a two-year term at the QMSP general meeting, is responsible for the proper conduct of Board meetings and representation of the interests of Québec maple producers. The other 12 members are the presidents of the regional associations. Meeting about once a month, the Board is mandated to see that the initiatives approved by delegates at the general meetings are implemented, and to guide the work of the organization’s management team. Furthermore, QMSP’s Board of Directors breaks down into committees, concerned with areas such as promotion, communications, and quotas, to give these important matters specific attention.

Of the 12 regional Board members, 4 are chosen each year to sit on the QMSP’s Executive Committee. It is composed of the president, the 1st and 2nd vice-presidents, and two executive committee members. They meet about 6 times per year to oversee the organization’s day-to-day operations and its general administrative and operational health.

the Origins of agricultural trade unionism

Unionism is common in Québec’s agricultural sector, tracing its roots to some one hundred years ago, a vast social movement, and the modernization of agriculture.

The book Si l’érable m’était conté details the beginnings of the democratic values that we hold today.

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