The QMSP Sales Agency

The Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) Sales Agency acts as a financial intermediary between maple syrup producers and buyers. It ensures compliance with pre-established prices and conditions of sale.

the sales agency’s functions

The QMSP Sales Agency:

  • Receives all maple syrup produced in Québec and stores it in bulk containers;
  • Acts as the sales agent for the syrup in such containers (more than 5 litres or 5 kg);
  • Sets the terms of payment to maple producers.

This collective process ensures that producers get the prices set out in the Marketing Agreement and that buyers get the products and quality they pay for.

creation of the sales agency

In 2002, following broad consultation with some 2,000 maple producers from all regions of Québec, delegates to the annual general meeting voted unanimously in favour of creating the Sales Agency, which led to the Règlement de l’agence de vente de producteurs acéricoles et sur le surplus du produit visé.

The book Si l’érable m’était conté details the history of maple production, including the steps that led to the creation of the QMSP Sales Agency.

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