A Message From President
Luc Goulet

maple production that reflects our values

Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) writes the story of our people and our world-famous product every day and each spring, when close to 13,300 producers go with love and passion into the forest to bring forth what has become known as “Québec’s liquid gold.”

QMSP strives to be the world-wide organization of reference for the collective marketing and promotion of maple products, while respecting the values of sustainable development. We invest in research, innovation, market development, and promotion of the Érable du Québec brand. These efforts intend to generate maximum levels of involvement and a sense of belonging among maple producers, their partners, and consumers. We are proud to contribute as much as $600 Million to the Québec economy each year.

At once ancient and modern, maple syrup production is rooted in centuries of Québec tradition that today has become an economic force in its own right. Our values demand that we act in the collective interest, that we innovate in the pursuit of excellence, and that we demonstrate leadership in the building of a bold future for us all.

Serge Beaulieu
Québec Maple Syrup Producers

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