A Message From President
Luc Goulet

maple production that reflects our values

Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) has a story to tell. It’s written anew each spring, when some 13,300 women and men working for some 8,000 businesses across Québec go out to the forest to harvest sap from the maple trees. The annual exercise of producing maple syrup—a revered emblem of Québec culture—is a love story. It’s also a business success story.

QMSP has set the world standard for the development and collective marketing of maple products within a framework of sustainable development. It has done so with healthy investments in research, innovation, market development, and promotion of the Érable du Québec brand. The organization does more than represent the interests of its members: it mobilizes them and promotes a sense of belonging that embraces their business partners and consumers. Their successes go beyond the sector to the entire population of Québec by contributing to regional and larger economies. It’s estimated that the province’s maple industry contributed more than a billion dollars to Canada’s GDP in 2022.

The collective interest. Innovation. A bold vision of the future. Leadership. These are some of the values that, along with centuries-old traditions, our members take with them into the forest each spring. Yes, it’s more than a love story. More than ever a part of our culture. Today, maple syrup is an economic force.

Luc Goulet
Québec Maple Syrup Producers

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