Mission, Vision, Values


In accordance with the powers vested in it under the Act respecting the Marketing of Agricultural, Food and Fish Products, the mission of Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) is to promote the interests of Québec maple producers and to develop and enhance the full production and sales potential of Québec maple products, while respecting the principles of sustainable development.


QMSP’s vision is to be recognized as the world-wide reference for the collective marketing and promotion of maple products. Our actions intend to generate pride, involvement, and a sense of belonging among maple producers, partners, and consumers.


In affirming the importance of applying recognized ethical principles at all times, the following values guide Québec Maple Syrup Producers in its deliberations, actions, and decisions:


To always pursue the group interest by favouring collective action and democratic decision-making within our organization.


To hear the needs of our producers, partners, and consumers here and elsewhere.


To always take energy from the enthusiasm generated by Québec maple products.


To distinguish ourselves through innovation to build a bold future. To pursue excellence, support creativity, and show leadership in new ways.


To build our organization and its orientations through a consultation and governance process that gives everybody a voice in decisions.


To develop Québec’s maple resources in a sustainable manner and ensure that future generations are able to do the same.

strategic plan

QMSP’s 2018-2023 strategic plan consolidates the organization’s world leadership role and prepares the industry for accelerated growth.

Aided by the modernized tools at its disposal and the mobilization of various players, QMSP intends to grow maple syrup sales by 185 million pounds per year until 2023 to a value of $523 Million, representing a total sales increase of 66%.

Priority 1 – Sales and Distribution

  • Increase sales volume 66% and Sales Agency revenue 63% by 2023;
  • Distribute Agency sales across different markets;
  • Increase the number of local and international buyers of medium/high volumes.

Priority 2 – Strategic Reserve and Production

  • Optimize supply levels in the strategic reserve for better management of inventories;
  • Accelerate efforts to align processing-grade (PG) syrup inventories with global demand;
  • Encourage production companies to generate more product.

Priority 3 – Leadership

  • Take national and international position as the industry leader and foremost expert in maple products;
  • Take position as the leader of market demand (“market-driven” vs “product-driven”);
  • Increase our role as the world’s strategic leader in innovation and research on the food and therapeutic potential of maple and maple products (ingredients, foods, superfoods, etc.).

Priority 4 – Quality Management and Improvement

  • Improve quality criteria in grading;
  • Introduce and improve the various quality and identity certifications;
  • Create a global identity for Québec maple products and their promotion.

Strategic Plan (PDF)

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