QMSP’s Social Commitment

we care about people

Every year, Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP), particularly through our Érable du Québec generic brand, supports a large number of causes and events that directly reflect our organization’s mission and values.

Some of these causes, especially the well-being, proper nutrition, and education of children, are very dear to the hearts of maple producers.

maple syrup at breakfast clubs

QMSP is a long-time partner of the Breakfast Club, as part of our contribution to real-food, quality nutrition for children.

Children in such breakfast programs therefore have the chance to taste real maple syrup and the Club’s nutritionists join with us in showing kids how to use only the right amount of syrup. QMSP believes there is great value in using maple syrup (instead of refined sugar) on foods and in recipes, as it is richer in vitamins and minerals than other sweeteners.

Since 2007, in association with Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers Cooperative, we have donated thousands of litres of maple syrup, representing a value of over $750,000.

maple goes to school

We take a fun, educational, and interactive theatrical presentation to about 50 schools each year in Québec. “All About Maple” teaches elementary schoolkids about maple from the tree to the table. Developed by QMSP in accordance with provincial education department guidelines, the 45-minute show takes them from the history of First Nations to the modern science of maple to careers and production techniques, concluding with a delicious tasting.

QMSP created siropcool.ca, a web platform that’s fun and educational for children aged 6 – 11. They can explore our encyclopedia of maple, make superhero Siropcool’s favourite recipes, and play “super-neuron” games. For teachers, there’s a section with a lesson guide and maple-themed activities to do in class. The website is accessible from desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

Manje lokal nou grandi: supporting collective kitchens and school cafeterias in haiti

This is a circular economy project that provides free hot meals to students in Labrousse and Rivière-Froide, while providing market opportunities for local producers and their goods. Our support of UPA Développement international serves three purposes:


Each contribution of $1.10 provides a preschooler or elementary student with a free hot meal in the cafeteria.


Women earn a degree of freedom and autonomy by earning an income from the meals they prepare in collective kitchens and by being able to exchange with others there.


Haitian agricultural producers can sell their products locally and maintain or even increase their output.

donation and sponsorship policy

QMSP is actively involved with communities in the regions of the province, encouraging initiatives that develop modern 21st Century maple syrup production and products.

Any sponsorship request must primarily spotlight either Québec maple syrup products or producers and their brands, and be in agreement with QMSP values and strategic orientations.

  • Go to our Contact Us page to consult our sponsorship policy and/or make an application.
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