How Maple Syrup is Sold

Québec maple producers can sell their syrup in 3 ways:

In bulk or barrels of more than 5 litres
In containers of less than 5 litres, through an intermediary
In containers of less than 5 litres, directly to consumers

Here’s How Maple Syrup is Sold in Québec

All maple syrup sold in bulk, in containers of more than 5 litres, must be made through the Québec Maple Syrup Producers Sales Agency (QMSP). Only QMSP and authorized buyers may receive and store bulk maple syrup from a producer. Maple syrup is inspected and graded by an independent firm. Any producer who sells maple syrup in bulk must have a quota.

Sales of maple syrup in containers of 5 litres or less to customers who are not acquiring it for personal use are considered as occurring through intermediaries.

The most common examples of this type of transaction are maple syrup sold for resale or distribution (grocery stores, convenience stores, markets, boutiques, retailers, wholesalers, workplace fundraisers), for processing or food service (restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, butcher shops, hotels, cafeterias, sugar shacks not owned by a producer), for gifts to employees or clients, community groups, organizations, and institutions (schools, hospitals, care homes).

Intermediary sales also include cashless activities such as service exchanges, corporate donations, and promotions.

Any producer who sells maple syrup through an intermediary must hold a valid quota.

Maple products sold directly to consumers must be in containers of 5 litres or less and must be for personal use, not for resale.

Direct sale to consumers includes the common occurrence of producers who open their own sugar shacks to the public to sell and serve maple syrup and processed products. The same applies to a producer who sells from a website or in a rented space at a public market.

A producer who sells all his or her maple syrup directly to consumers does not need to hold a quota.

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