Maple and Economic Development

The Maple Syrup Industry in Numbers

Québec Maple Syrup Producers carefully tracks and compiles statistics about the state of the maple industry within the context of the Canadian and American industries. Through tables and figures, you can see what our maple producers and organization accomplish in economic terms.

Maple Production in Québec, Canada, and the United States 

2021 was an average year for maple production in Québec, with a harvest estimated at 133 million pounds of maple syrup, representing an average yield of 2.75 pounds per tap.

As of 2020, Québec was producing 73% of all maple syrup in the world.

The supply

The Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve holds more than 100 million pounds of syrup in its stockpile. Inventory and sales data are regularly updated and published weekly in the La Terre de chez nous trade journal.

Total Sales Agency Sales
(in millions of pounds)

December 31, 2021
2021 151.95
2020 118.94
2021/2020 27.75%

Source : Producteurs et productrices acéricoles du Québec.
Consignment not included.

Total Maple Syrup Inventory
(in millions of pounds)

December 31, 2021
Total 47.27
% industrial 22.90

Source : Producteurs et productrices acéricoles du Québec.

Canadian Exports

In 2020, Canada exported close to 135 million pounds of maple syrup, worth more than $515 Million. This represents an increase of 21% compared to 2019.

You can see how exports have trended over the past 10 years in our annual publication of statistics publié chaque année.

Our Main Export Markets

QMSP invests a great deal of energy and financial resources in the marketing and promotion of Canadian maple products to 5 nations abroad. These primary export markets are the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.